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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 books that have been on your TBR since the beginning of time….

So, let’s be real y’all.

I have a lot of books. Mainly because I am a book-hoarding, shiny loving dragon who prefers to never run out of books to read because then that would be a fate worse than death.

And instead of being a smart bookish dragon and actually reading ALL THE BOOKS that are on my TBR pile…stack….mountain….I just banish them to the back of the pile and get new shiny books, ones that I read.

yep, I buy new books and read those, instead of the ones sitting there giving me stares…I’m fine…

This is in no particular order, and it’s quite a list of shame to be honest. To make sure that I got some that have been hanging around for a while, I limited my pickings to those that had been added before January 2016, that way I could tell how old “approximately” these books were. 🙂

1- Mistborn. This one should come as no real shocker to anyone who follows me on instagram or on Booktube, because that baby has been on so many of my TBR listings for months that it’s not even funny. I personally am interested in finishing the story, and Branden writes really well. I mean he builds a scene and it’s fantastic how great he builds the world, but this is huge.

Plus when i first got it I was unaware that it is in fact a trilogy, and every single one of those is way over 600 pages, really makes me just wonder if I could actually get through all of them…and considering the fact that I have been working on Mistborn for about 10 months well, yeah the trilogy is not looking solid.

2-Wolf by Wolf.

Alternate history where Hitler is still alive and you win a race to talk to him? Yes please that sounds amazing. And yet this book still is on my shelf, waiting for me to pick it up and read it.

3-The Nightingale.

I have heard rave reviews about this book, from a lot of BookTuber’s who loved this book, and I even got this for a random gift last year. And yet I still haven’t started it. I really think because this and Wolf by Wolf are both WW2 novels, maybe it’s a mood thing? Maybe I have to be in the right sort of mood to read those books? Or maybe I just don’t feel like sitting down with history for an evening. 🙂

4-A Tale of Two Cities.

This one has been on my TBR almost as long as Mistborn, and I’ve been working on it almost as long. I think the reason for the stopping and starting on this one is because Dickens is just…dull. And dark. And also, wouldn’t know a comma if it bit him in the armpit. But I want to read him. You know why, seriously, the main reason I want to read Dickens is because The Doctor is such a fanboy of him and his work (see Episode The Unquiet Dead). And I thought about it and realized I have only read 2 I think of his, the Oliver Twist one, and the one with the cake and the weird lady who stayed in her wedding gown? Great Expectations? But I’ve never really read any other of his, and wanted to try. I might get this one done by next year.

5-Tonight the streets are ours.

Ok, I bought this one when it first came out, because the cover was gorgeous. I wanted to read it right away but it still sits because of two reasons, the first is that I have heard of a lot of mixed reviews of this book, and because I am an indecisive dragon, I have let myself get jaded by those; and the second is that I found out that this author wrote a book that I have previously read, but actually really strongly disliked. Which makes me really uneasy to try and read it.


I want to read this book badly. A standalone, with swoon-worthy scenes, set as a post-apoptotic society that has pieces of modern time but no knowledge of what it is, along with a pretty kickin’ female lead? Sign me up! Unfortunately, this is one you cannot read with another book racing through your head, and I was trying to read it with another book and that didn’t fly.


I really don’t know why I haven’t started this one. Possibly because it’s huge. And I got it just because hello sale at BookOutlet (I keep their site quite busy). But all in all, I haven’t even started it, so who knows when I will even start it (I hear 2018 is looking better for reading all these)

8-the Grisha trilogy.

Well, actually the last 2 of them, Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising. I fell in love with Leigh’s writing with Six of Crows and bought the Grisha trilogy immediately, and read the first one right away. But because I have a lot of books that I keep buying, I didn’t finish the series. And because my spirit animal is Dory, I cannot really remember anything about the first book, but do I reread the first book, when my TBR is so high? Who has the time for that?

9-TID: The clockwork princess

This is probably one of the ones I know I’m actually not going to finish. And the main reason is that I didn’t care for 2 of the 3 main characters and I felt like the story line was just not pulling me in. So that is one that is on my TBR that I just probably will be doing a book unhaul with.

10-Dreams of gods and monsters.

Again, I read the first 2  books quickly, but didn’t get into the last one quick enough, and now all the memories of the first two books are gone. I’m sure I should reread the trilogy, mainly because I loved the first two, but I also have some trepidation of how it might end.

So that’s my TBR list of shame. What’s yours? Do you have any immediate recommendations for me to get started on right away? What does your TBR look like?



judgement free zone

So something happened the other day that kinda wrecked what I was going to talk about today, and even though it happened over a week ago, it still bothers me every single time that I think of it, or try and talk about it, so this personally is going to be a sort of rant, but not much of one.

For the seasonal time of the holidays in the US over here, I worked a second job as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. I really do love telling people what I thought of certain books and what they should or shouldn’t get, (which is also why I started this blog) and I love seeing kids get excited about reading.

So I was checking out this girl who was maybe about 8 or 9 and she was getting a couple of books, one of which was the Ever After High Book #3, which she said was one of her favorite series. Now, I had just come on shift and had passed the newest book when I came in so I told her about it. Her face lit up and she asked her mom and dad if she could get that one as well. Her parents agreed and she sprinted off and got it.

(this part was awesome, I love seeing kids run for books).

Then the girl asked if I had read them. Well, I had so I told her yes I have, they are pretty cool. The girl standing next to me on the cash register snorted with laughter but didn’t say anything until the girl left.

Then my coworker, still laughing, manages to say “Nice lie about those books, good thing you thought on your feet to sell more.”

Me: Why would I lie to someone? I don’t care if she bought another book or not, I was just letting her know.

And this dear readers was where it went down hill. This coworker proceeded to not only mock me, but also anyone who had the audacity to read something outside of their age group. She said “If you are older than 16 you shouldn’t be reading anything that is geared towards Kids or Teenagers.”

I couldn’t put into words precisely what I was thinking because I was so irritated.

I know I told her that she shouldn’t have any judgments on what people choose to read or not to read, and that age shouldn’t tell me that I can’t pick up a YA book and enjoy it.

I love YA, simply because there is a lot in there that you don’t realize. Not just the Hunger Games/Divergent/Twilight but more thought-provoking, more plot entertaining, more of a thrill than most of the adult books I’ve read. Age should never deter you from buying or reading a book, just because you are older than teen or YA, doesn’t mean that you should feel shame for liking or reading that book.

Let’s be real, all of us have a guilty book pleasure, one that we read but that we would never admit to anyone that we like. Maybe because of the stereotype surrounding it, maybe because it’s in the wrong section, or maybe because we just feel “too old” to be reading something that 12 year olds are reading, but let’s stop bookshaming each other. Let’s stop making the snide comments about age, or gender or whatever.

Do you like it? Do you enjoy it? Then why does it matter what others say or think? At least you are reading.

Personally I think that we need to just remind people that reading is reading, no matter what you are reading. (ok one exception because I know that I know that people are going to start twisting saying that I’m saying that kids should read whatever they want, no…the age rule doesn’t apply to them. They need to read in their genre, but for adults it doesn’t matter. Got it? Ok good)

For the record, when I got off of work that day I walked over to the YA section and picked up Jackaby which I had been waiting for, for about 2 months to come out, and went through her line. And when she rolled her eyes at me again, I laughed and said “I can’t wait to read this book. It’s for me.”

Cheers friends.


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Yes, Please: a bookish review

(Ok, this post is like 3 weeks overdue and I’m so sorry, but I’ve been…reading. Really that is why I haven’t been on here writing the reviews I promised. I was devouring books left and right, and also holiday stuff. So, I’m sorry and on to the book!)

Confession, I have a hard time getting into humor books as a whole, not really humor books that are comics or humor fiction. But I have a problem getting into the humor biography books. I have tried numerous times to read anything by Chelsea Handler (who I have heard is hilarious but I can’t) and I can’t even pick up Ellen’s books, which is a shame because I really think she’s hilarious. I did try early this year to pick up “Is everyone hanging out without me” and it sealed the deal, by which I mean I was convinced that humor just doesn’t translate well to the written page.

But then I picked up Yes, Please by Amy Poehlr, and I was hooked. Solidly from the start.

There were a few chapters that she could have tightened up, but on the whole, it was a refreshing and light read. Something that I was looking for, and something that was just well done.

I have no problem admitting that there were several times at which I laughed out loud so hard someone thought I was having an attack (honestly though, don’t read this where people are, you will embarrass yourself, also not with a full bladder, not a good idea). I loved this book.

The only drawback that I could see, was that there were a few chapters where she kinda seemed to forget where she had started it, and they were a little fuzzy, but for the whole, it was great.

I would rate this book 4/5 stars. This would be something I would recommend to someone who wanted a light read, and I would probably reread it if I wanted. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who gets easily offended, doesn’t like certain words, and doesn’t want to laugh really hard, but for the most part it’s really good.

I strongly suggest that you check out this book, either at the library or that you go and buy it (hey it’s right after Christmas, hello gift cards!)

I enjoyed it immensely.

Back to reading!



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confessions (in which I try to explain why I have to have all the books, why I don’t do the library and other topics)

I am a reader.

Also, a re-reader.

And also, a collector of books.

But mostly a reader. And re-reader.

Not many people understand this. And Goodreads (though I love them) really doesn’t understand this. In fact, if I read a book again, I have to go in and physically change the date so that I can get credit for the book that I read again, which I just wish they would come up with a list like “Hey you have read this book 4 times in the past 3 years,” sort of thing.

First world problems I know.

Back to being a reader.

Part of being a reader, and everyone knowing that you are a reader, is that they recommend books to you. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But the problem is that people recommend books to me and then tell me that they are at the library, and I don’t do the library. I love the library and the smell and the quiet old ladies who help you and make you shush because you are talking too loud, (let’s be honest I really like them) but I don’t like the concept that I have to give the books back.

And, I’m a horrible reader when it comes to stuff I have to read.

I love to read things that I feel like, and to read things that I’m interested in; however, I am what some people have now termed a “Mood Reader”, which means that I have to be in a particular mood to read things. And I don’t like having to read certain things when people tell me. (Seriously this is why when I was in college and Bible school when they told us the title of the book I would read it before it was even assigned because I didn’t like the thought of someone telling me when to read a book). And libraries are the ultimate of telling you when to read something.

You checked out 20 books (which by the way, you can’t in a Tulsa library, check out more than 20 books, true story) and they are due on this date, so you better get cracking. And then life happens and stuff comes up and reading seems like a goal which you are going to do, but the problem comes with you now don’t want to read anything you just checked out. Instead you want to read something you own or a new book you will go buy.

And then it comes to the day before they are due and you hurriedly read like 2 of the ones you picked out, and then throw them in your car to drop off.

And then possibly drive around for the next 3 weeks with this bag in your car and completely forget about them until one day when you move your seat and rediscover them, and then go and drop it off and don’t go in because you now have a huge fine and you can’t believe you forgot again about returning them.

Not that the above scenario has happened to me (cough: once or twice maybe) but that is also part of the reason I don’t like library books. I have to give them back and completely space on the day and when I should drop them off.

And yes, I have tried to write down when my books are due, and when I should go to the library and drop them off (usually every time I do this) but what happens is that I’m not ever really near a library. There’s not one right down the street from me, and I don’t really pass one on the way home (and we aren’t going into the one downtown cause that’s a scary and gross one) so it just never occurs to me.

I like to own books. Really. It’s one of the things that makes me happy, ridiculously amazingly wonderfully happy.

I have piles of books, pretty much everywhere in my room because my two 5 shelf bookshelves are completely full. I have a pile of books by my bedside table, and on my desk. I have a large stack on my trunk, and several piles underneath my tv in my entertainment center.

But I read them all. I have a few (about 10 or so) that I actually haven’t read yet. But that’s what a TBR jar is for. (grin)

I am a reader. When people try and tell me I have too many books, I laugh. When they try and tell me I should give away some, I laugh more. The only time that I give away books or get rid of books is if I have read them and haven’t actually ever wanted to reread them again. Or I read them a long time ago and reread them and decided “Yeah, not gonna happen”.

I am officially a reader.

I see no problem in this.



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Beauty and the bookish introduction

I’m Stephanie.

I’m in love with books. Not just the reading part of them, but rather the whole entering into the whole different world, seeing new places and new people without even leaving my room. I also love recommending books to people, and finding out new and old favorites from people.

This blog is going to be about books, bookish things, reviews, my thoughts on books to movies and other random things. I read just about anything (except horror) and I promise that I will be bias on occasion but will try and find the good thing in every book, even if it’s hard.

Once a week I’ll have a new book recommendation, and I’ll also have a list once a week relating to bookish things.

So, just to kick things off, because today is Thanksgiving in the States, here is my 10 books that I could reread anytime.

1) Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

2) The Mysterious Benedict Society Trilogy (T.L. Stewart)

3) The Sugar Queen (Sarah Addison Allen)

4) Let’s all be brave (Annie F. Downs)

5) The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis)

6) The Tangled web (L.M. Montgomery)

7) Cards on the Table (Agatha Christie)

8) The Substitute Guest (G.L. Hill)

9) Confessions of Fritzwilliam Darcy (Mary Street)

10) The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

These books are ones that are pretty much falling apart on my shelf because I’ve read them over and over again.

Pile of Books

While I love starting a new book or series, I absolutely love visiting the old dear friends that while the years have changed, they have not. It’s reassuring that while all of life and traditions change, books remain the same. The words might change a bit, but in all they stay the same. And I like the reliability of knowing that some things don’t change. (Which is probably why I mistrust Wikipedia so much, it can change no matter who goes on there).

Anyways, have a happy Thanksgiving friends, and I’ll see you soon!