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31 books in 31 days

In January of this year I managed to surprise myself and somehow complete 31 books in 31 days. It honestly shocked me because I wasn’t even paying attention, and then about January 28th, I noticed that I had read 27 books, and decided to challenge myself to see if I could read 31 books. And I did.

And this past month I’ve been thinking about doing it again. Maybe it was a fluke, and maybe I wouldn’t actually read 31 books in 31 days. But I’m going to try.

I also thought that the busiest month of the year would be perfect for me to try and challenge myself to do this. Because when you do a ridiculous challenge, you might as well go big or go home right?


So these are some of the books I want to read, or reread, depending on the book. Between you and me, I don’t think I’ll end up reading all these, only because I’m such a mood reader and I don’t like people telling me what to read, even if it’s myself.  (As is evidenced by so many abandoned TBR’s)

I also think I’m in that last minute panic before the year ends, thinking about what books I should be reading and what books I need to be reading. It also doesn’t help the fact that even though I passed my book reading goal, my page count is slightly below where it should be. So I’m panicing and trying to get all of the books read, before the end of the year.


I mean, it’s only 31 books, it’s not like there are only 31 days left in the year. What’s the worst that could happen? And it’s not like I decided yesterday to do Blogmas as well, I mean, no one could want to possibly inflict that much torture on themselves right? (Spoiler: I actually am doing Blogmas again, so hopefully better than last year!)

What are some of your bookish goals for the rest of the year? Are you ahead of your reading challenge or are you a bit behind too? Please let me know!

Hope y’all have a great night!

Remember, life is too short for mediocre books!



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