StephReads2018, Weekly Wrap Up

April 8-14 wrap up!

Hello booknerds!

So after I did the first weekly wrap-up, I unintentionally went on a slight hiatus. If you didn’t know, I ended up moving on the last week of April and basically the whole month of April was spent either stress eating or packing everything that didn’t move. To say I don’t deal well with change would be a very big understatement.

Anyways, I finally am in my new place, mostly unpacked (alright all of my books are unpacked but I still do have quite a few of my breakables packed away…but hey my books are out so that’s all that matters!) And now I’m going to try and catch up with everything, including posting on here and my bookstagram which was totally ignored for the last month because it’s kinda hard to post pictures of your books when you’ve packed everything :).

Books Read: 4

Pages Read: 1,443



Book 1: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot (mine)

Plot Summery: This follows James who is fresh out of veterinarian school and in his new apprenticeship in the early ’50’s-’60’s, and follows his many escapades and hilarious moments.

I actually am counting this as a new read not a reread as it probably should be, but considering I read this when I was like 12, and I couldn’t remember anything about it, except for the fact that he was a vet, I’m saying it’s new, besides my blog, my rules (lol)

I enjoyed this book, and felt that even though it was a pretty hefty book, it read rather fast.

Rating: 4 Stars.



Book 2: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron (library)

Plot Summery: This follows a young boy who learns about the secret society of the “dead books” and one book that seemingly everyone wants, but that he’s been charged with protecting.

Ok….for the first 150 pages I absolutely LOVED this book. There was so much intrigue and promise and mystery that I found myself devouring this book and thinking that it would be one of my new favorites…however…after that first 150 pages, it’s almost like the author forgot what he was writing about. All character development, all intrigue, everything suddenly went by the wayside and we followed the bland main character who fell in love and then couldn’t be interesting if he tried. (I can’t even remember the MC’s name because that’s how little impact he made on me) All the women were merely used as a plot point for the MC to get information and when they were done, well they were done…literally. I trudged through this because it marked off one of my goals of reading 10 books that were translated but it wasn’t worth it at all.

Rating: 2 Stars



Book 3: Emily the Strange: The Lost Days (MG/Library)

Plot Summery: ….let’s just say….amnesia, cats, earwig, doppelgangers, black, night owl, traveling, vw bus, bland town, mesmerism, coffee shop, Raven, weird….

I rather enjoyed this MG book, it had a sufficient Addams’ Family vibe and I was here for that! I did enjoy Emily though there was sometimes when she was a bit high and mighty, but I felt it was well done. It was also a great palate cleanser from the mess that the shadow of the wind was so this worked well.

Rating: 4 Stars



Book 4: Curious Faith (mine/reread)

Plot Summery: Non-fiction Christian book about not putting God in a box, and how when we approach with wonder, instead of rules and restrictions and limits, we can actually give God room to work in our lives (even if it comes out not how we expect)

This was a reread for me. I love to reread books, especially non-fiction books because I feel like it really solidifies what the book is talking about and helps me remember it more. I enjoyed reading this again because the last time I read it was about January 2017.

Rating: 4.5 Stars.


So that’s all that I read that week. Hopefully I can get all these scheduled and cranked out so that I can catch up reasonably soon. (I doubt that but hey, I’m hopeful!)

Happy reading book nerds, and remember, life is too short to read mediocre books!!

~Always Reading!



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