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22 boxes, 1 shelf and other reasons moving is not the best

I recently moved.

This already ranks on the “I hate this most” award, but here’s the thing that makes it worse, I have books.

Not just books but 22 boxes of books.

And not just 22 boxes of books, but I ended up having 2 of my shelves break when I moved so now I’m down to one measly shelf that is literally holding over 200 books on it.

I have books piled on my desk and nightstand, on my tv stand and even in my bed. (that last one is a really bad habit that I need to break mainly because I don’t want to kill any of my precious babies, but still haven’t).

And not only did I move recently but I moved 2 times in the past 5 months. And each time someone thought they would be funny by telling me that my books should be donated or sold because I have too many. (Nope, I sure don’t. Don’t even try, not gonna happen)

I don’t have too many books, what I have is inadequate shelf space. And boxes that are still unpacked because of the books that reside in them.

I am hoping to get some new shelves this weekend, mainly because I feel all out of sorts.

All my series are out of order, and not even near each other. My carefully planned bookshelf is a mere caricature, now sitting among stacks and piles of books. And it’s overwhelming.

But for all my grousing about how bad moving is, at least all my books made it this time. One of the times I moved, I stored some boxes in a friend’s garage and left them there for a couple months. What neither of us realized was that the garage flooded, and my boxes of books that were off the ground and setting on plastic tubs, had been moved by one of the roommates looking for her things and were setting on the ground. Fully immersed in the water. I don’t want to tell you what happened when I found out what books they were, but tears were shed. (here’s a hint, 1st ed. HP HC if you want to know)

So from that day, I promised if I had to leave something behind it would never be my books. And I never have.

The funny thing is when you move enough and when you have enough books, people start to remember why they don’t help you move. And one of my jokes is that I have to get new friends to help me move every time because they all remember how many boxes of books I have. And it keeps increasing. 🙂

Anyways, hope y’all are having a great day, and remember life is too short to read mediocre books!

happy reading Dragons!




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