Books, Reading

confessions (in which I try to explain why I have to have all the books, why I don’t do the library and other topics)

I am a reader.

Also, a re-reader.

And also, a collector of books.

But mostly a reader. And re-reader.

Not many people understand this. And Goodreads (though I love them) really doesn’t understand this. In fact, if I read a book again, I have to go in and physically change the date so that I can get credit for the book that I read again, which I just wish they would come up with a list like “Hey you have read this book 4 times in the past 3 years,” sort of thing.

First world problems I know.

Back to being a reader.

Part of being a reader, and everyone knowing that you are a reader, is that they recommend books to you. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But the problem is that people recommend books to me and then tell me that they are at the library, and I don’t do the library. I love the library and the smell and the quiet old ladies who help you and make you shush because you are talking too loud, (let’s be honest I really like them) but I don’t like the concept that I have to give the books back.

And, I’m a horrible reader when it comes to stuff I have to read.

I love to read things that I feel like, and to read things that I’m interested in; however, I am what some people have now termed a “Mood Reader”, which means that I have to be in a particular mood to read things. And I don’t like having to read certain things when people tell me. (Seriously this is why when I was in college and Bible school when they told us the title of the book I would read it before it was even assigned because I didn’t like the thought of someone telling me when to read a book). And libraries are the ultimate of telling you when to read something.

You checked out 20 books (which by the way, you can’t in a Tulsa library, check out more than 20 books, true story) and they are due on this date, so you better get cracking. And then life happens and stuff comes up and reading seems like a goal which you are going to do, but the problem comes with you now don’t want to read anything you just checked out. Instead you want to read something you own or a new book you will go buy.

And then it comes to the day before they are due and you hurriedly read like 2 of the ones you picked out, and then throw them in your car to drop off.

And then possibly drive around for the next 3 weeks with this bag in your car and completely forget about them until one day when you move your seat and rediscover them, and then go and drop it off and don’t go in because you now have a huge fine and you can’t believe you forgot again about returning them.

Not that the above scenario has happened to me (cough: once or twice maybe) but that is also part of the reason I don’t like library books. I have to give them back and completely space on the day and when I should drop them off.

And yes, I have tried to write down when my books are due, and when I should go to the library and drop them off (usually every time I do this) but what happens is that I’m not ever really near a library. There’s not one right down the street from me, and I don’t really pass one on the way home (and we aren’t going into the one downtown cause that’s a scary and gross one) so it just never occurs to me.

I like to own books. Really. It’s one of the things that makes me happy, ridiculously amazingly wonderfully happy.

I have piles of books, pretty much everywhere in my room because my two 5 shelf bookshelves are completely full. I have a pile of books by my bedside table, and on my desk. I have a large stack on my trunk, and several piles underneath my tv in my entertainment center.

But I read them all. I have a few (about 10 or so) that I actually haven’t read yet. But that’s what a TBR jar is for. (grin)

I am a reader. When people try and tell me I have too many books, I laugh. When they try and tell me I should give away some, I laugh more. The only time that I give away books or get rid of books is if I have read them and haven’t actually ever wanted to reread them again. Or I read them a long time ago and reread them and decided “Yeah, not gonna happen”.

I am officially a reader.

I see no problem in this.




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